The van revamped!

Yay! Operation van is go! We started by ripping out all that disgusting carpet that was in there and giving her a good clean, then we insulated the floor, walls and ceiling (an important step to prevent damp.) Next, with the help of the lovely Brad, we made a metal frame to box in the back wheels and then boxed it in using mdf which created a frame for the bed (and storage space for our shoes!) We also panelled the floor and walls.


We then painted all the panels cream to brighten her up, and put down some new carpet (we were lucky enough to get pretty much the perfect size offcut for only $30!)
For the bed we ripped apart an old sofa bed that Brad and Ally were throwing out, it’s perfect because it can fold up twice to give you loads of space!
Brad then welded this to the frame over the wheels, we added all our new bedlinens and pillows and voila!
Here she is with the bed folded up at the back and the frame makes 2 perfect little seats to put up our little table imbetween!


We then wanted to fix the exterior so we had a light baby blue colour mixed up at Repco and taped up all the windows, tyres and trims etc. we also figured it would be too difficult to spray paint the roof so we decided to leave it and covered that too. Then using a spray compressor we borrowed from Brads dad, we gave her 3 layers (with drying time inbetween.)
The final colour wasn’t as bright as I would have liked it to be but we covered up all the old Hertz logos from her old life and she definitely looks better!


She still needs curtains and we need to build a shelving unit to store all the stuff we’re going to need but I love her!! Here she is with the double bed pulled down, plenty of room for the both of us 🙂




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