We got jobs!!!

Yay so after all 10 days of walking around cafés and restaurants and applying to everything under the sun on Gumtree, I have managed to get us jobs!

It’s not within hospitality but I don’t care at this point, we just need to work hard for a few months and save as much as we can!

First of all I got an email from a fundraising company asking me to come for an interview, it would have been face to face fundraising, pulling people over on the street and asking them to donate to certain charities… But I got the hint it was mainly commission based?

Then I got a call from a woman in Dalby telling me about a job pressure washing machinery! Not something I’ve ever done before… But it’s a live-in role so we will have next to no outgoings and it’s still paid $15 an hour. It’s 3 hours inland so I won’t be near my beloved ocean but why not spend the Aussie winter saving? Then we’ll have lots of $$$ behind us come summer!

I’m excited/terrified, she emphasised the point that it’s an extremely physical job and said she’s had people quit after 2-3 days! I’m trying to take that as a good thing… I’ll be getting fit whilst earning money!

She wanted an ASAP start so we leave tomorrow…

Wish us luck!



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