The Labourer and the Housekeeper…

Our new jobs are hard!

But we earn $15 an hour and we live on site so no accomodation or petrol costs, plus it counts towards us getting signed off for our second year visas if we choose to extend our trip to Australia!

Bailey works at the depot, pressure washing trucks and machinery. He is filthy and exhausted at the end of every day.


We literally eat, shower, watch TV for an hour and then sleep. We’re up at 5:30am every morning and passed out by 9:30pm!

I’m basically a housekeeper/nanny, they have a big old house up a dirt track away from the depot, surrounded by gardens that constantly need weeding! They have 3 children: Lilly-May, 6; Addison, 5; and Bryce, 3.
I do laundry, clean bathrooms, make beds, feed the chooks (chickens to us English), mop floors, chop wood, vaccum etc. And if the kids aren’t at school or daycare I have them all day too!



We’ve worked out that if we carry on working here averaging 60 hours a week each we make $1,260 between us, after tax! So if we stay for just 12 weeks we should have $15,120!
That should cover a trip to Bali to treat ourselves, travelling leisurely back down the coast to New South Wales and any costs for attending Ally and Brads wedding. We should still be left comfortably with around $7,000 as long as we haven’t been stupid eating out at restaurants every night etc…

2 weeks down, 10 to go!



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