New Job Blues…

Time for a moan.
After tax we actually only earn $12.15 an hour.
I’m getting more like 30 hours a week instead of the 60/70 I was going for.
I just wanted to come here and work my ass off for a few months and earn money.
What is the point of me getting half days if bailey is working full days? I just sit in our room with nothing to do. It’s not what I came to Australia for. I’m a good hard worker and I just feel useless…
On top of that I don’t seem to be getting paid quite right, I’ve worked out that so far I’m owed $500 more than what I’ve been paid… I’ve spoken to the girls in the office and they’ve assured me it’s all getting sorted but I’m so irritated.
The only redeeming factor is that it goes towards our second year visas, if it didn’t I would leave tomorrow.
Not what I wanted to spend 3 months of my travelling doing.


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