My wish is granted!

So after being seriously down in the dumps about my hours getting cut at our first Australian job, it seems someone, somewhere heard me!

There isn’t as much to do up at the house now the kids are at school and I’m pretty much on top of all the cleaning/gardening so after a measly 3 hour shift I was told to finish for the day.

However 2 hours later I get a text telling me to get some wet gear on and come to the depot. (Yay!)

My first mistake was not asking where to find the wet gear, instead I wore jeans, gumboots (wellies to us British!) and a work-provided shirt, non of which provided much protection…

I was handed a pressure washing gun and pointed in the direction of an excavator and told to clean it.

An excavators job is to get muddy!
The thing was huge, and filthy, and within an hour I was soaked and the glasses they’d given me were so covered in dirt splatters that I couldn’t see.

An hour later the sun started to go down, which just made me cold as well as wet.

I took this picture before jumping in the shower and I was thoroughly knackered.


My arms and wrists hurt and I’m going to admit I had a little tantrum, tears and stomping feet, that kinda thing.

But now it’s the day after and I’m feeling a little more positive!
So I ache all over, that basically means I’ve had a good work out; and I’m exhausted, that just means I worked more hours, which is what I wanted!

I’m going to try and take these positives and crack on with the next 2 months, at least I’ll have some stories to tell the grand-kids!



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