Last night I had a run-in with our boss. It should have been nothing but she made me feel so small and uncomfortable that we are now seriously debating leaving here and moving on.

We went to cook our dinner in the kitchen block like we always do but when we tried to get back into our room it had locked itself?
Our room is a shipping container FYI, so not the nicest anyway.
The key was inside, there is nobody on site apart from us and one other English guy at night so we just leave it unlocked whilst showering or cooking ect.
We couldn’t understand what had happened and tried everything to get back in before we decided we’d have to call her and ask for a spare.
It was 8pm and she lives up a dirt track literally 1 minute away.
She answered the phone straight away and just went mental. Telling us she has enough kids at home she doesn’t need ‘effing kids at the depot too. And maybe she should come and wake us up at 2am and see how we like it.

I think I was more shocked than anything, I tried to explain how the door had never locked itself before and we couldn’t have known but she didn’t want to hear it. She came down to get the spare out of the office and just continued her ranting.

I just burst into tears as soon as she left. Bailey was a total sweetie and said we could leave then and there if I wanted. I don’t think he’s over enamoured with this whole experience so far either.

Now it’s the day after and I’m just pissed off. We are working on minimum wage of $15 an hour ($5 less than everyone else because we get the luxury of living on site, I personally think we should be charged a set rent because it doesn’t seem fair that the more we work the more we lose.) Our storage container room is constantly overrun with ants, we are clean and tidy and hard workers. She has told us horror stories of the people they’ve had live on-site before and we are angels in comparison. And I still am not getting the hours we were promised when we took the job, despite my 2 shifts at the depot last week.
It’s our day off today and I feel really uncomfortable, like I don’t know what to do with myself, I don’t know what mood she’ll be in the next time I see her.
We didn’t come to Australia to get spoken to like that, it was completely uncalled for.

But on the other hand we’ve been here 5 weeks now, we only have to stay 8 more weeks and we can get signed off on our second year visas. And if we do leave now, what if we can’t find another job? The money we’ve managed to save so far won’t last long if we’re all spend, no earn.

Basically, I don’t know what to do and right now I’m thoroughly miserable.

Any advice?



2 thoughts on “Stressed

  1. Have you tried, perhaps, approaching her on a good day to discuss the matter? It’s possible that she was stressed out that day, hence the outburst… It doesn’t make it excusable, but it puts it into context. On the other hand, if that is her default setting and it makes you uncomfortable, then you are right, you didn’t come to Australia to be treated like that.

    Have you considered (are you able to) look for other possibilities online?
    Maybe call in a few other places and secure a job before you pack up and go?

    If you do stay, I feel like being honest might be the best solution since you still have two months to go… It’s best not to be accusing if/when you address the subject, but definitely be firm about your position and clear about what bothered you.

    I hope everything works out for the best, either way.


    • She’s a bit hit and miss to be honest. Her mood is so up and down we’ve come to the conclusion it’s not her fault, that’s just how she is!

      We’ve heard horror stories from another member of staff since this incident too, he’s been here longer than us and apparently he’s seen so many staff come and go quickly because of how they are spoken to and treated.

      I made it clear to her a couple of days later how much she upset me and although I didn’t get an apology or explanation she does seem to have been trying hard to be extra nice to me when she has to deal with me face-to-face. Most of the time though now we communicate through texts and she leaves me lists of jobs at the house every morning.

      The incident did upset me and my partner but we only have 45 days left so we’ve just decided to keep our heads down, do the job, get paid and get signed off on our second year visas. We keep ourselves to ourselves in our room when we’re not working and we’re very pleasant and polite to everyone here.

      If she has another turn we will definitely say something and leave, but I think we’ll be okay. Her partner actually let slip that she thinks we’re some of the best, hardworking staff she’s had in a while, so hopefully that will be enough for her to keep her temper down around us!

      Thank you for your advice 🙂


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