Making The Most Of It!

I’ve worked out that as of today we only have 58 days more to work at this place!

That takes us up to the amount of time you have to work in a certain industry to be signed off on your second year visa so we will have that in the bag!

We’ve decided to ‘make the most of it!’ and smile our way through the remaining days.

We’ve booked two days off next week to go to Brisbane, 3 days off at the beginning of September to go and stay in a cabin in the bunya mountains (for my birthday!) And we’ve also booked a day off at the end of September to go to the Toowoomba Flower Show which I found on a ‘must-do in Queensland’ list and it just happens to be local!

It may not be what we envisaged ourselves doing when we decided to spend a year or two in Australia but we’re earning and saving money, we’re getting fit and learning new skills in the process, and we have each other! *awww!*

So here we are ‘grinning and bearing it!’




Ooo and I’ve just found out there is a big old homestead with pretty gardens nearby too! We’re going to go and check it out on our next day off.

We will fight the cabin fever!



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