Jimbour Heritage House & Gardens

We made a break for freedom on our day off today and left the sounds of machinery and monotony behind us for a few hours!

I’m so glad we did because it has made such a massive improvement to both our moods and general attitudes towards our current situation.

I found Jimbour Station online after desperately googling to find anything interesting to do and/or see around the area we’re currently working in; Dalby, Queensland, if you were wondering!

It’s advertised as one of the nation’s most gracious historical homes, built in 1876 and 238 km northwest of Brisbane.

The interior is only open for special events as it remains a private residence but you are welcome to tour the grounds and gardens.

There was nobody there at all when we arrived and for the whole time we were there apart from one guy driving around and tending to the gardens.

As you enter there is an honesty box asking for a $3 per person donation, of course we obliged, and there are also little maps to take that tell you what’s what around the grounds.

There is a sweet little Chapel (circa 1868) to take a look at as you walk to the actual house, and when you get there they have old stables and outhouses set up with old photos and facts and art on display, along with historical plaques and speakers that played animal noises in the barn and scared the crap out of us!




The grounds were beautiful and even the vegetable patches were well laid out and pretty and filled with more butterflies than I have ever seen in my life!

It was like the secret garden, with huge trees, shrubbery, flowers and old statues and vintage machinery added amongst the greenery so there was always something to look at.




The only downer for us was that we went in winter (still 24 degrees!) so the rose gardens weren’t in bloom, but from pictures I’ve seen they look mightily impressive in summer!

If you’re interested in finding out more I’m including the link through to their website here.



We spent about 2 hours there in total, taking our time wandering around and inhaling the serenity.

If you’re in the area I’d definitely recommend a visit 🙂



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