Dandenong Ranges

We had a day off from work today, the flat was already tidy and clean and the weather was beautiful so we decided to go exploring!

As much as we are loving Melbourne life, we knew that we wanted to get out of the city. We know how gorgeous Victoria can be from our experiences along the Great Ocean Road and today felt like a good day to get back to nature! We just googled national parks near us and Dandenong Ranges was one of the first to pop up. Beautiful forest only 45 minutes away by car, perfect!

One place that caught our eye was The William Ricketts Sanctuary, so that’s where we set the sat nav to head to first! Originally called Potters Sanctuary, it’s a piece of land on Mt Dandenong bought by Australian potter and sculptor William Ricketts in the 1930’s, on which he built hundreds of sculptures, inspired by the Aboriginal people, spirituality and nature. It was bought from him by the Victorian government in the 1960’s and made into a public park where William Rickett lived until his death in 1993.

Below are some pictures of his art that I took this afternoon, enjoy!















I love this kind of ‘outsider art’ and think he was a wonderfully eccentric man with a beautiful soul and the world needs more people like him. Made me want to create my own ‘secret garden’ somewhere 🙂

Afterwards we drove 10 minutes up the road to check out Olinda Falls, recommended to us at the sanctuary.



Not the biggest or most impressive Falls we’ve visited in Australia but the walk to get there through the bush was pleasant and the sound of the water and surrounding kookaburras made it a lovely tranquil spot to just sit and take a breath.

We had a bit of a lie-in so it was more of an afternoon of exploring rather than an entire day but we’ll definitely be returning to the Dandenong Ranges as there is so much more left to see and do!

On the way home we stopped at a lovely little tavern for delicious scones and iced coffee 🙂
We also passed so many cute boutiques and cafés and shops that I know I could easily spend an afternoon strolling around.

Definitely worth checking out if you’re nearby. Let me know if you’ve been and have any recommendations of what we should do next time, constantly on the lookout for stuff to do around Victoria at the minute.



4 thoughts on “Dandenong Ranges

  1. Hello Lauren
    I just looked at your blog. It’s lovely. I liked those sculptures in that park. The two heads look like Charles and Di! I loved the Xmas card….thank you. Look forward to seeing you in the summer. Dad says he’ll try and get us connected on Skype soon.

    Love and cuddles

    Nanna Peg


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