Fashion Wishlist: October 2014

My fashion wishlist for the month ahead is normally posted on the 1st of the month so I apologise for the delay. I guess I got a little bit excited to be back on the road travelling australia! So much to see and do, can you blame me for getting distracted? 🙂

1. This Dress from Babyboo
This gorgeous ‘Lorde Maxi Dress’ in mint is $63 (£33) and can be found here.
Picture from instagram: babyboofashion IMG_4194.PNG

2. This playsuit from Peppermayo
The ‘Hysteria Playsuit – Sunflower Print’ would be so perfect for frolicking on the beach right now as the weathers getting so hot! (Sorry if you’re in the UK and it’s getting cold but I’m in Aus and summer is cominggg!)
It’s $55 AUD (£29) and you can shop it here.
Picture from their website.IMG_4195-0.PNG

3. This dress from Boohoo
This gorgeous strappy print dress is only £15 and you can get it here. Perfect for cocktails!
Pictures from website.


4. This dress from House of Fraser
This gorgeous patterned shift dress is from Millie Macintosh’s new clothing line at House of Fraser. Perfect for the end of summer and styling up through autumn! It is £90 and you can shop it here.
Picture from website.


5. This top from Misspap
This oversized paisley shirt is cute and comfy and great for the office or a lunch date. Get it here for just £19.99!
Picture from website.


Let me know what you’re coveting this month!



Fashion Wishlist: September 2014

1.This Dress from Hunted Dreams (picture from their instagram: hunted_dreams)
So good for layering going into A/W14!
Shop it here.

2. This skirt from Missguided (picture from site.)
This gorgeous gingham midi is perfect and only £9.99. Whuuuutttttt?!?!?
Get it here.


3. This playsuit from Beginning Boutique (image from website.)
More GINGHAM! (I see a pattern here… Geddit?!?!)
This gorgeous playsuit can be found here for $59.99 AUD (£33). Ugh, I love it so much!


4. This tailored jumpsuit from Missguided (picture from their instagram: missguided)
Sooo hot, perfect for cocktails with the girls or date night!
Get it here for only £29.99!


5. These badass heels from Public Desire (picture from their instagram: publicdesire)
Need them in my life.
Only £27.99, get them here.


Let me know what your lustin’ after with this months paycheque 🙂


Birthday Wishlist 2014


Thanks to Taylor Swift, that song has been the anthem to the last year of my life, and I’m sad that I will no longer be able to sing it with such gusto once I turn 23 on the 5th September… I know it’s ridiculous but I feel so old!

However, my birthday does mean a day of celebrating ME! It’s the one day a year when I can get away with doing what I want, I get to demand breakfast in bed and take as long as I want in the bath pampering myself. And then of course, perhaps the best bit, you get presents!!

Speaking of presents… Here is my wishlist for my 23rd year of life, hopefully the birthday fairies get it in time!

1. These Boots 👌

20140812-223649-81409290.jpg These ‘Ruby Black Platform Chelsea Boots’ from Public desire are £29.99 and can be found here. I have planned so many outfits around these and I don’t even own them yet!
Image from instagram: publicdesire

2. This Playsuit 😍

20140812-223649-81409126.jpg The ‘Winter Wishing Playsuit’ from peppermayo can be found here for $55 AUD (£30). I love, love, love it!
Image from instagram: peppermayo

3. These Rings 💍

20140812-223650-81410862.jpg Love these gorgeous rings from shopdixi, especially the wanderlust one! You can find it here for £14. I NEED IT!
The forest secrets ring is only £5, such a beautiful bargain!
All images from

4. This Maxi Dress 🍍

20140812-223651-81411119.jpg This tropical pineapple printed floaty maxi dress is $75 AUD (£41) and can be found here. So perfect for when we finish work and leave Dalby and head to the Aussie coast for our next roadtrip!
Images from the beginning boutique website.

5. These Pyjamas ♥️

20140812-223650-81410347.jpgThe Peter Alexander Star Wars sleepwear collection is ADORABLE! Starting at $39.95 (£21) you can find them here.
Images from their website.

6. Or These Pyjamas 🙈

20140812-223649-81409809.jpgAlso from Peter Alexander are these super cute Wizard Of Oz Pyjamas which you can find here. Not cheap, at $59.95 (£32) for the top and $79.95 (£43) for the bottoms but so worth it just for the nostalgia!
All images from their website.

7. The Wonder Product 🙏

20140812-223651-81411012.jpgThe Body Shops ‘Instablur’ is already a favourite in my make-up bag. It works wonders on my combination skin and evens out my complexion for what I like to call ‘the instagram effect’. Unfortunately I recently ran out and every The Body Shop store I’ve been to over here hasn’t had it! You can find it online here so if anyone from the UK wants to go pick some up and send it over to Australia that would be awesome!
Image from

8.This iPhone Case20140813-123759-45479811.jpg
This ‘show me your kitties’ phone case from Typo made me LOL so hard when I saw it. You can find it here for $9.95 (£5) bargain!
Image from the website.

Oh, and a return flight to visit home would be awesome. Feeling the homesickness right about now. Want some loving from my mumma and an evening of wine and pizza with my girlfriends. ✈️

I absolutely LOVE travelling and Australia is beautiful but sometimes there is just no place like home. 🏠

And also I would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my baby brother who is 20 today! I love you kiddo. 😘