Capricorn Caves

Last weekend we were planning to stay along the coast somewhere near Rockhampton. However the campsite we had planned to stay at in Kinka Beach was closed when we got there at 4:30pm (even though we called ahead and they told us check in was open until 5pm!) We ended up staying at a motel for the night. The lady at reception was lovely and the room was clean and the bed was comfortable. We had our own bathroom and kitchenette and it felt like a bit of luxury away from the van.

After we checked in we walked across the road to check out the beach. It was very different from the beaches we’ve seen so far along the coast, more rocks and shells instead of soft sand. It was overcast too but I thought that just made it seem more magical!

We were originally planning to stay there for 3 nights but after seeing the beach decided there wasn’t much for us to do around that area so hit the road again. We were driving along the Bruce Highway when we saw signs advertising the Capricorn Caves and decided to take a detour.

When we got there we found they had there own campsite complete with power, showers and cooking area for $35 a night and we decided to stay. The ladies we got talking to at reception were wonderful and booked us on the regular waking tour of the caves and then also got us booked in to do some adventure caving and abseiling the next day! Not what we had planned for the weekend but definitely more exciting!

The walking tour of the caves was brilliant, even though it was Friday it was quiet so we had the tour guide all to ourselves. The caves are really spectacular, especially the one they call ‘the cathedral’. The acoustics in there were amazing, she played some music for us and gave us a bit of a light show whilst we sat in the pews. People get married there almost every weekend and I can understand why, really good atmosphere!




On Saturday we went back down to reception to meet the girls who were going to take us abseiling, I was scared witless but they were wonderful! You start out on an 8 metre drop which sounds like nothing but is scary from the top! My legs were shaking like jelly but we both did it and moved on to a 25 metre drop where you don’t even go down to solid ground you drop down onto a rope bridge in a cave! I felt like Lara croft, and am gutted I didn’t think to give someone my phone to get pictures from underneath!


Afterwards we went back to reception to get all geared up in boiler suits and safety gear ready for our adventure caving!

It was awesome! no good if you’re even slightly claustrophobic but I loved it! Managed to squeeze through all the smallest holes including ones called ‘rebirth’ and ‘caesarean’ (names are a clue to how tight the squeezes were!) Again, I regret the lack of photos taken, but I was having too much fun and it was too dark down there to et any good shots anyway.



Highly recommend a visit to the caves for anyone travelling near there, well worth it, and not too expensive for how much you do, in comparison to similar activities throughout Oz!

And an extra thanks to the staff, all the ladies who looked after us were fabulous 🙂