Carrying on from my ‘fitness for the unfit’ post which you can find here, I’m upping the ante on project ‘happy-healthier-fitter-version-of-self’ as I like to call it.

Aswell as taking full advantage of the physical job I’ve managed to secure here in Australia I’ve also started watching what I eat. It’s not a diet as such though, no counting calories or reading labels, I’m simply ‘eating clean’.

I’ve seen a lot of different blogs and instagram feeds and magazine articles on clean eating and all their rules and levels of strictness seem to vary!

The way I see it, and the way I’m choosing to do it, is basically not using any foods that have ingredients you can’t understand or pronounce! It’s about choosing fresh produce. Loading up on fruits and vegetables, nuts, wholegrains and pulses. If I wasn’t vegetarian it would also be about chicken and salmon and lean steak, but I am vegetarian, so for me that is not what it’s about.

It’s really hard sometimes; after a full day of working I just want to eat carbs and chocolate.

I think the number one trick that I’ve learnt is I can’t go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. It leads to really, really bad choices and I end up regretting it the day after when I’m surrounded by the temptation of cakes, biscuits, crisps and chocolate.
If I go shopping after lunch and with a list I am more than happy to fill the trolley with fresh fruit and veggies! Not having the temptation of junk in easy reach is a BIG help.

Here are some pictures of my recent meals and snacks! I love sharing these with the instagram community and have found so much inspiration from other peoples feeds.







I would love to be able to start trying out more advanced ‘clean eating’ recipes and juicing etc but that’s pretty hard when you’re spending most of the year living in a van, so will have to wait until the Australian adventure is over to up my game even more!

Any hints, tips or inspirational stories welcome!