30 Day Challenge – Halfway through!

So we’re now halfway through September and the 30 day #beahappieryou challenge I set myself at the beginning of the month is going well (original post) I honestly do feel more positive! It’s nice to have something small and happy to focus on during whatever else you might be doing with your day. I realised that although I have been uploading daily to instagram (neonwanderlust) I haven’t kept the blog updated with how the challenge is going, so here it is so far πŸ™‚

Day One – ‘write a what makes me happy list’

20140916-205016-75016195.jpgWas great to think and about and put down on paper all the things that I love and that make me feel good! I wrote it in my journal that I use everyday so I can see it all the time and remember how many positives there are in my life!

Day Two – ‘write a what makes me unhappy list, and then destroy it’

20140916-205148-75108812.jpgFelt good to work out what makes me sad or anxious or angry. The first step of getting rid of the negatives has to be identifying them, and then you can work out what to do about them! It felt really good to screw the list up and burn it too, very therapeutic, a physical act to say goodbye to the negative!

Day Three – ‘find positive affirmations that work for you and repeat them to yourselves every day’

20140916-205607-75367656.jpgPretty happy with my choice of affirmations, feels a bit weird saying them out loud to yourself at first but definitely empowering πŸ™‚

Day Four– ‘take 20 minutes out to meditate’

20140916-205737-75457616.jpgWas really nice to just take some time out to just sit and let my mind wander. Thought about how I want to feel by the end of this months challenge and stretched out my back and neck which have been sore for the last few days.

Day Five – ‘write out your 1 year plan’

20140916-205922-75562117.jpgI split this into 6 month goals and 1 year goals as I found it easier. I love writing things down to keep my mind clutter free πŸ™‚

Day Six – ‘spend some time in the kitchen’

20140916-210143-75703008.jpgI was lucky enough to be at a cabin in the mountains for my birthday this day and my gorgeous guy had bought us the stuff to make a chocolate fudge tart with salted caramel topping (salted caramel is my absolute favourite!) Was so much fun to make and absolutely delicious!!

Day Seven – ‘make a small healthy change to your daily diet’

20140916-210443-75883261.jpgI’ve started drinking green tea with peppermint 3 times a day, after breakfast, linch and dinner. It’s meant to be an amazing detox and I find it really refreshing after a meal. I do think it’s made a difference and I definitely have that bloated feeling a lot less than before.

Day Eight – ‘find a way to sneak in some easy daily exercise’

20140916-210753-76073899.jpgDecided to walk from our little container room at the depot to the main house instead of driving it (even though the driving is good practise for me to get my licence!) It’s only a 7 minute walk but every little helps and I like to speed walk it and time myself and see if I can get there a little quicker each day haha πŸ™‚

Day Nine – ‘take the time to plan an outfit that makes you feel really good about yourself’

20140916-211242-76362240.jpgLove this outfit, so simple and comfy, but pretty and summery!

Day Ten – ‘indulge in some me-time with your pjs and a DVD boxset’

20140916-211842-76722782.jpgWe’ve got seriously into the latest season of American Horror Story. Soooo addictive! Highly recommend.

Day Eleven – ‘make an effort to laugh and smile today’

20140916-212109-76869484.jpgStarted the day with an unplanned Skype call from my family! Baby brother and sister, plus their partners AND my mum! Made me super happy to see their faces! Then this evening found the funniest (immature) video on Facebook which had me in hysterics and then cuddled up with my man, chocolate and good TV. It’s the little things πŸ™‚

Day Twelve – ‘have a gossip with a friend’

20140916-212206-76926562.jpgThis one was super hard what with my girls being over 10,000 miles away, but I managed to organise a Skype with my beautiful Louise (on the left in the white dress) on the Saturday and then a Skype with my gorgeous Chantelle (the babe in red to my right) on the Sunday. Was so good to see their faces and hear the gossip from home and just chat about rubbish like best friends do!

Day Thirteen – Today was a mini workout, just to get your heart pumping and to work up a bit of a sweat. Something to get those endorphins flowing! However, I don’t have a picture for this day… Didn’t really know what image would represent red-sweaty-faced me! But doing a few squats, sit-ups and running on the spot did make me feel good, made me feel all healthy and virtuous and it is definitely a feeling I would be happy to work towards achieving everyday πŸ™‚

Day Fourteen – ‘take some time out to read’

20140916-212805-77285331.jpgI downloaded all the Game of Thrones books that have been released so far and started reading them, a little hard to get into because of the oldy-worldy language and so many names and characters to remember but have almost finished the first book already now and am hooked!!

Looking forward to the rest of September, the sun has come out in full force here in Queensland now and I’m looking forward to my first Australia summer, going to make it unforgettable πŸ™‚