Norway Winter 

2 weeks aboard Fred.Olsen’s Braemar. Our first ever cruise and I for one am hooked! 

Norway is stunningly beautiful. The further north you go the colder and snowier it gets but it was all magical.

I intend to do more in depth posts on each port and excursion but have had to get straight back into writing my dissertation after slacking off for two weeks on the cruise! I’ve also been suffering with quite a few migraines recently which has meant crossing anything not marked ‘urgent’ off the to-do list! 

For the amount of places you see and the amount of stuff you get to do and the amount of amazing FOOD they provide you with, it’s really reasonable money wise too. 

I feel that a lot of young people don’t even think about cruising when looking for their next trip or adventure and to be honest we were the youngest people on the boat by about 25 years! But, I can honestly say it didn’t bother us, the other guests were all lovely and curious to know how we felt about cruising. It was like being on holiday with a whole bunch of grandparents, great aunties and uncles etc. 

As always, any comments and questions are welcome 🙂

– neonwanderlust xo 


Wanderlusting: Scandinavian Fjords

Okay, so I know I am currently in Australia.
I quit my job, sold everything I owned and came out here with my other half on a years working holiday visa.
‘Living the dream’ as some might say!

However, we are currently in the middle of nowhere, living in a storage container and working hard to save up for the next leg of the adventure (which will be AWESOME!)

But until then I’m keeping myself sane by looking up the next travel destination, the next place on my wishlist. The place that I spend hours googling flights and hotels for, and obsessively pin on Pinterest.

Be honest now, look at these pictures and tell me you wouldn’t want to go here too.

I am Wanderlusting hard for those views and that serenity.

20140804-143621-52581487.jpgTaking a fjord cruise has always seemed like such an exciting and awe-inspiring thing to do.

I would love to see Norway, Denmark and Sweden (and also Iceland and Greenland, although I know they technically aren’t scandinavian countries!) and would also love to take a cruise so it’s a big dream of mine to combine the two!

They are like something out of a Fairytale or a Disney movie.

20140804-144710-53230391.jpgI want to be on a big boat on the calmest waters looking at views that encompass snow capped mountains, ancient glaciers and remote fishing villages.

A place so beautiful the sun is reluctant to set, if you go in the summer you’ll benefit from near endless light and a chance to see the incredible phenomenon of the ‘midnight sun’.

But if you go in winter there is the chance to see the magical northern lights or ‘aurora borealis’, whilst snuggling under a blanket on deck with a loved one and drinking hot chocolate.

I think I’ll maybe have to go twice to experience it all and make the most of the beautiful countries in sunshine and snow!

I found all of the above pictures on Pinterest and do not own any of them, couldn’t trace the original photographers so if you took the pictures please let me know so I can commend you on your camera skills, credit you and or link to you on here, and generally pick your brain about what your trip was like!