The Great Ocean Road

*late post, ooops*

So I felt like the absolute luckiest person a few weeks ago! Hopped in our little blue Betsy and hit the Great Ocean Road for a 3 day road trip before we officially settled into Melbourne life and new jobs for 6 months. If you are coming to Australia, or if you are already in Australia, do not miss The Great Ocean Road. Every minute of the trip was just breathtaking. Here are my highlights πŸ™‚

Loch Ard Gorge

Stunning gorge, you walk down to the completely sheltered inlet of water which is perfect for swimming. It’s part of a lot of guided tours but again we were lucky enough to avoid the crowds!

The Grotto

Very cool rock formations created by the sea. Lots of little rockpools to look at.

Aireys Inlet Lighthouse

Sweet little town, one of the first places we stopped at. Has the cutest lighthouse and incredible views out over the ocean. We also stopped for lunch in an American style diner here and it was delicious and not too spendy πŸ™‚

Sheoak Falls

Wayyy less touristy than Erskine Falls, but it’s smaller. However it’s a nice little walk to get to it, and when you get there it’s really magical, you’re basically standing down a sinkhole and there’s a large pond/small lake that you cannot tell the depth of. It’s peaceful and tranquil with the little waterfall running straight over the edge of the rocks above.

12 Apostles

Probably one of the most famous natural landmarks in Australia, the 12 Apostles did not disappoint! I was so awestruck we actually visited them twice, the first day in radiant sunshine and the 3rd day under some cloud coverage. They looked magical both times. We were lucky enough to be travelling independently in our little van so we were able to work out what times the coaches would arrive and miss most of the touristy crowds, it might seem super snobbish, but I can’t stand forcing my way through hoards of people and having to duck every second step to avoid photo bombing πŸ™‚

Erskine Falls

A huge waterfall surrounded by foliage. We were lucky enough to go the morning after a storm so there was tons of water running down making it all the more amazing. However the rocks were still wet and slippery from the rain, so if you’re going to venture off the set path wear good shoes or risk broken bones!
We also saw our first koalas in the wild! Just make sure you’re looking up in the trees and you see their furry little butts! My camera is not good enough to have captured any pictures of them but they are definitely there!!

We are now settled in Melbourne and have been for almost a month, I miss the vanlife already but we’ll be back in the road soon enough! So for now let me know if there’s anything I missed on the GOR or that you recommend for our time here in Victoria!

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The Bunya Mountains

Sorry for not blogging sooner but I just had the most amazing birthday weekend in the mountains here in Queensland.

The lover whisked me away from dreary Dalby and our jobs here (hellhole) for 2 nights in the Bunya Mountains (heaven!)

They were only an hour drive from here and so beautiful!

The drive was pretty steep and scary and there were one or two moments where we were unsure if our little van would make it, but make it she did, and I cannot emphasise enough how incredible it was up there!

There were tracks and trails to follow through literally magical rainforest with cool (and massive) trees and so many birds chirping away. There were waterfalls and streams hidden away and every so often you would come to a break in the trees and get the most spectacular views from lookout points.

Here are just a few photos I took, literally could not put my phone away, every 2 minutes there was something I wanted to capture on camera!
















We stayed in a cabin called Renyar which we booked through the Bunya Mountains Accommodation site that you can find here.

At $170 a night it wasn’t cheap, but it was my birthday so we splurged!

It was in a brilliant location overlooking a valley and there were constantly wallabies and colourful birds on our doorstep πŸ™‚

It had two bedrooms, two bathrooms, dining room, lounge, fully equipped kitchen and laundry. There was a log fire and we prebooked to have chopped wood ready and waiting for us and it kept the cabin super toasty!

The ensuite had a spa bath with the jets and everything (this was very exciting for me after living in a van and using camp showers for what seems like a lifetime!)

It was cosy, peaceful and homely and we didn’t want to leave, could happily have stayed for another week or two!










We saw loads of other cabins available to rent and there were campsites too so they have something to cater for all budgets.

I was completely spoilt, a weekend of gorgeous scenery, good food, great company and some pamper time was exactly what the doctor ordered. One very happy girly right here!

If you’re in Queensland I highly recommend a visit to the Bunyas, well worth it!